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6 Content Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agencies

6 Content Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agencies

When it comes using your website to for content marketing, there are two general categories in which you’ll need to consider.  Before I get into specific content marketing ideas, it’s important to take a look at these categories and see how they work together in a complete content marketing strategy.  The two concepts are traffic driving and trust building.  Sometimes these can overlap and there are other types.

  1. Traffic driving content is anything meant to get your site noticed.  These can be relevant information, funny stories, or great tips.  Anything that is likely to be shared and presents your brand in a positive light will work.  Your goal here is to have people who would otherwise have no reason to come to your site come to check something out.  While 99% of these people are unlikely to be interested in buying or selling at that point, your goal is to capture that one percent and increase brand awareness for any others who will be interested in the future.
  2. Trust building content is anything that builds trust with your potential client.  This is targeting the people who are your target audience.  You want to convey two types of trust.  Trust that you know your business and that you will look out for their best interest.  When demonstrating a knowledge of your business, you want to connect with the reader and confirm information that they already know to be correct.  This gives the reader the opportunity to confirm your expertise.  You then build further trust that you are looking out for their best interest by sharing information that they may not have known.
I’ll refer to these throughout the rest of this post, so make sure you have a handle on them now.  If you have any questions you can allows leave a comment below the post.

Real Estate Content Marketing Ideas

Market Values

For some reason, good information on market values is treated like a trade secret.  You’ll build a lot of trust with your potential client by sharing this information.  I know that there is no simple answer, but that’s why you are the expert.  Explain to someone how to get a good idea of relevant market values.  Which neighborhoods are selling at prices per square foot, what an acre runs in this or that part of town, what modern accessories can impact the price.  If the buyer is going to take out a mortgage, this information is going to be mandatory anyways.  Let your audience get a good idea of what they will be looking at when the time is right. This would be a great time to bring in an adjuster to write the article or be interviewed.  You’re still leaving it to the expert and it really makes your life easy when creating the content.  This is also content that needs to be updated regularly, so you won’t have to create brand new content every time.  Use the same general process and update when appropriate.  This will help both your clients and search engines identify you as a relevant, up-to-date source of quality information.

Financing Rates and Practices

This is another fantastic opportunity to leverage another professional’s information to promote your brand.  Get a mortgage broker or bank manager to come in and discuss the process and current trends.  This builds trust that you are connected with the right people to get the job done right and that you are getting your information from the best sources. Try to get your guest to explain the biggest problems that people run into and some tips on how to avoid this.  Include tips on how to improve your credit score or documents to have ready before starting.  Anything titled “X tips for anything” is automatically sharable.  It allows people to feel like there is an objectionable number of tasks to do and that they can complete them.

School Districts

More highly sought after information that nobody can find.  Sure, anyone can find some random statistics.  However, if you’re new to an area you may have no idea how to apply that information.  Nobody knows a community better than a good real estate agent.  Reach out to PTA leaders to find out about upcoming events and local issues with school districts.  They’ll normally be very happy to have an outlet to express their pride or vent their frustration with the school district. Having an honest discussion about the various school districts in your area can make or break the client/agent relationship with families.  Leave your client unaware that they are buying in a bad school district and you will lose more clients than you could have ever gained by making them happy.  Remember, it’s about more than just grades.  Involved parents want to know how responsive the board is to their concerns, extra-curricular activities, parental involvement and more.  Good articles on school systems will be shared within communities and earn you that special insider trust with clients.

Community Events

People are always looking for community events lists.  Whether they are established in the community and just looking for something to do this weekend or new and looking to find out what kind of activities occur, listing community events makes you a great place for information.  People will connect with your brand.  How many will eventually become buyers?  Enough to make it worth your time.    

Agency Spotlight

6 Content Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agencies
Anchor Associates, a New York City broker, has a variety of posts that build brand recognition and trust, not only with potential clients but also with potential agents.  Looking for more content marketing ideas?  Go see what they have been up to.

Client Interviews

How many of you are already taking the time to check in on your clients a month after a sale?  The answer should be all of you! You’re already checking in on them, why not post that information.  It doesn’t need to give away any personal information, but buying a home usually isn’t a very private event.  Ask your client’s permission to post any information that you discuss and let them read it before publishing.  First time buyers will particularly appreciate your efforts.  Cover any sort of buyers remorse or things that the client wished they had known.  Make sure to include pleasant surprises, especially if it’s something you took care of without them really knowing that it was going on.  Buying a home, especially for the first time or in a new area, can be an overwhelming experience.  Your readers will be happy to know what other home buyers are feeling.  Additionally, if your client shares that post, it will come across as a personal recommendation to their friends and family.

Customer Questions

This can really come in two forms.  First, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages are often some the most viewed pages.  Make sure to have one.  Additionally, use any good questions as an opportunity to create more content.  If a relatively complicated question is asked, take the time to write an article that addresses it.  This makes content creation easier, allows you to reference that article any time that question is asked in the future, and builds trust with current and potential customers.  You’re addressing their concerns and they will appreciate it.


You now have six good content marketing ideas and an understanding of what they will do for your real estate agency.  Remember that this is a long-term strategy, but that your marketing efforts should yield a return on investment.  Not having a solid plan can result in extra work or limited returns.  We’ll get into planning next time.

Go write a great article that builds trust, drives traffic, or both.  Then share it with us in the comments below.  I’d love to see what you come up with.

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