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Content Marketing Formula for Successful conversions

Content Marketing Formula for Successful conversions

Do you know what your number of unique visitors is every month?  That’s the number of people visiting your website each month.  Are you doing well in a smaller community with 1,000?  Are you getting 10,000 in a big city?  You should know your numbers.  Now tell me how many of those do you need to convert into clients to have a successful agency.  It’s probably only about 2% annually, right?   Chances are that you are converting less than .5% and that most of your clients are referrals.  Unless you’re doing very well with your content marketing formula, you’re likely seeing very little sales as a result of your online marketing efforts.  All of that time, energy, and money only to be keeping up an appearance of success and not bringing a return on investment.

What if you could convert that other 1.5%?  Better yet, what if your conversion rate was 5% annually?  How about keeping a solid 3% but tripling your reach?

I know writing content isn’t easy.  If you’ve taken a stab or two, you can find that run out of things to discuss, or can’t figure out how to get the subject started.  In my last post, I discussed six ideas for creating content related to real estate.  While that should keep you busy for a while, it’s important to remember that they need to convert readers into clients.  While readers are great, buyers and sellers are what put the roof over your head.  So let’s take a look at how to implement content marketing formula for success so that all that content creation effort doesn’t go to waste and you can get an ROI on your time or money.

Before we move on, you need to understand that some of what we are going to discuss right now can be better achieved with your off-site marketing plan.  We will get into off-site marketing in the future, but this series is on content strategies and we’re going to discuss how these principles effect your content strategy alone for now.

So without further ado…

The Successful Content Marketing Formula is…

Who are we kidding?  You’ve already cheated and looked at the formula above.  Pretty simple, right?  Of course, as we’ve already broken down several aspects of content marketing and have a lot more to do, you probably know that it’s not at all that simple.  However, let’s take a few minutes to break down that formula of content marketing equals solution over the problem.  Keep in mind here that I said over, not divided by.

Now if you’ll stick with me here, I’m going to go one step further at the end and tell you the difference between that formula which will convert, to a deeper one, which converts better.  First, I’m going to cover the aspects of that formula because it’s critical to understanding the deeper copy formula.

Identify The Problem

This can be as simple or complicated as you’d like.  You can simply say that the problem is a lack of information and move on writing about anything you want.  The more you dwell into the problem, however, the more likely you are to capture your audience.  In order to figure out the problem, your best solution is to talk to your clients and understand their needs.  It’s likely that if your clients have these problems other potential clients will to.  The more specific the problem, the more those potential clients will feel that you understand them and are the right fit for them when they are ready to buy and sell.

This problem doesn’t have to be a tragedy.  Sure, high crime in your neighborhood is solved by moving to a nicer one.  A flooded home is solved by a new one on higher ground.  And a reduction in income can be solved by moving out of that house you bought when you had 3 kids and into a smaller one.  The problem may not even need to be stated, but it needs to be understood and addressed by the writer.


Agency Spotlight

Live Urban Real Estate Identifies a problem and solves it
Live Urban Real Estate in Denver, Colorado, did a great job in identifying a problem.  They recognized that homeowners from the Boomer generation often don’t know how to market their homes to the Millennials who now account for 32% of the buying market. They hit my nail on the head with the outdoor space, open kitchen, and home office.

Explaining The Solution

While every article you write is probably explaining a solution of some type, be deliberate in your efforts.  Don’t just write about it, explain the solution in a way that readers can understand and take action.  Give your readers the details they are looking for.  If they’re moving from that flooded home, don’t just tell them to move uphill, give them the flood information that you can get from an insurance company.  If you’re writing about moving away from high crime areas, give them the actual details on crime in other neighborhoods and link to other information you have on those parts of town.  Planning for retirement, break down the property values and taxes so that YOUR READERS know what they can expect to gain by moving into a smaller home.

Without having a conversation with you and your clients, I can’t say what problems you should be solving.  That part is up to you to figure out and you probably already know the solution.  It’s up to you to decide what the specific issue is and what solution is in the best interest of the locals in your area.

The Secret Content Marketing Formula Of Copywriters

So are you ready for that grand secret copywriters and marketers all over the world are paid big bucks for?

Here it is…

Identify the problem, demonstrate how much better life would be if this problem didn’t exist, and then explain and promise the solution.  Think about any major commercial you’ve ever watched.  They really fall into two types.  Those that can identify a problem, and those that cannot.  A beer company, for example, may have a hard time justifying how they solve a problem.  So they use frogs and horses to get attention.  Assuming you are involved in real estate, you do not fall into this category!

The other group of commercials, those whose customers have a problem they need solved, show you a world where the problem doesn’t exist.  The retired couple walking down the beach.  A dog that would have been run over if your you hadn’t seen him in your car’s rear view camera.  A young, stress free couple getting the keys to their first home and a website that converts 5% of thousands of monthly views.

These are hard.  Million dollar marketing campaigns are built on what the world would look like if this problem didn’t exist.  You’re unlikely to be able to knock this one out of the park each time, but toy with it.  Really great copywriters build suspense by redefining the problem and explaining how the world would look without that problem over and over until you buy.  That may not increase your sales much as it relies on impulse buying to make a quick sale, but keep an eye out for it and see if you can win the confidence of your potential clients with it from time to time.

Do your clients have a unique problem that you are uniquely suited to resolve?  Share that problem with us in the comments below.

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