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Attracting Visitors With Content Marketing

Attracting Visitors With Content Marketing

When it comes to content marketing, attracting visitors to your website is the first step to success.  This may seem obvious, but anyone who has written content knows how hard it can be to get that content in front of the right eyes.  In this series on visitor cycle, I’m going to explain some of the aspects of getting your content in front of the right audience.

Quality Content

This is one of those obvious selections.  However, I spend several hours each week reviewing content on real estate blogs and can assure you that there are plenty out there with poor content.  Writing a 100 word article welcoming your newest team member is not quality content.  I’ve already written about some of the ways you might be able to improve your content including an article on the formula for successful content.  I won’t go any deeper here, but know that if you are not creating great content, you should stop here and get to work on that before turning off the potential clients you reach with bad content.

Sharable Content

This is a sub category within the “quality” benchmark.  The content you create should be something that people would want to share.  Focus on the good, but don’t be misleading.  If you have a neighborhood in your city with a poor crime rate, feel free to include it in an over-all review on the city’s crime rate, but don’t waste your time writing something that people from that neighborhood aren’t going to want to share.

Make the content something the readers will care about.  This does require you to know your audience, but if you’re in real estate you already need to know your audience.  Focus more on healthy restaurants in the often overlooked neighborhoods if your audience is health driven.  If sports are important to your existing clients, don’t be afraid to map out the local ball parks.

Social Media

Another one of those “Obviously” topics, but I couldn’t leave it off the list.  I always recommend to start with the platforms that you are already comfortable with.  Facebook is a must of course.  If you’re not already, look for three to four social media platforms that you are comfortable integrating with.  Use hashtags such as #RealEstate to see what others are sharing and find questions that people need answered.  Don’t be afraid to get into the alternative content social media types like photos or videos, especially if you’re doing high end properties.  Make sure to put your written content on your site and then share the post, rather than spending a lot of time writing creative posts on Facebook that will be overlooked in 12 hours and will be highly unsharable due to the security settings of your friends and followers.

Paid Advertising

Google Adwords, Facebook promotions, etc. are great ways to get your content in front of potential clients.  You can really make this pay off if the content you have is sharable, but remember to keep conversions in mind when analyzing your online advertising.  I’m not the expert in paid advertising, but some things to look out for are keywords that are generating traffic that is not relevant to your site and using remarketing techniques.

Networking and Communities

Networking has always been key in client acquisition and this is no different when attracting visitors to your website.  Look to online communities such as forums or local groups in social media for your online efforts.  Just type in your city and see what groups might be sharing relevant information.  I have a local entrepreneur group on Facebook where people are regularly looking for real estate advice.  A well written article that answers someone’s question more thoroughly than the simple answers expected on social media will go a long ways.  These are great places where you can simply share content that you’ve already written about the topic.

My experience tells me that there’s not much I can tell a real estate agent about real world networking.  The one pointer that I can give you is to make sure to name your posts in such a way that you will easily remember them and be able to refer to them off the top of your head when you run into someone with questions.  If your post titles are too long or complicated, consider creating pretty permalinks for articles that cover your frequently asked questions.  A shorter link like YourDomain/buy may be a great place to share frequently asked buyers questions without having to sit down and explain everything right there and still not ignoring a potential client.

Search Engine Optimization

I’ve started an entire series on SEO, but lets take a moment to look at what it does for you.  Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website to be indexed by search engines and to have your relevant content displayed in search queries.  Examples of search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Etc.  This is essentially free advertising, but it takes time and hard work to compete for this valuable digital real estate today.

The competition for “land for sale” might be unbeatable when you first get into SEO.  If a user types in the key phrase “Affordable waterfront properties” it might be a great way to reach people searching specific information in your area.

Key Points of Attracting Visitors

Remember that attracting visitors is simply the first step in the visitor cycle.  Your ultimate goal is convert visitors into clients.  This means retaining those visitors, gaining trust, and getting the face-to-face meetings.


How are you attracting visitors to your site?

Go ahead and share a link to a sharable post of yours in the comments for us all to see.

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