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Disaster Response Content

Disaster Response Content

As the waves die down across the southeast coast from Hurricane Mathew, it’s worth taking time to consider the types of content real estate agencies can and should be sharing on their websites after a disaster like Hurricane Mathew.  It’s important to keep in mind that as a real estate agent, people look to you as an expert in all things real estate.  Wether it’s true or not, they expect you to have a better understanding of things like home owners insurance as well as mortgage rates.  The period after a disaster is no time to ignore your customers.

It may seem a little cynical to try to market real estate in the wake of an emergency, but remember that marketing in the internet age really is about providing people with the information they need when they need it, and they need it right now.  So wether you consider this marketing advice or a reminder to be a good Samaritan, it is worth considering.  While you may have no personal experience in dealing with damage or insurance after a natural disaster, you are more likely to know people who have gone through it.  If you’re not really the expert, get one on the phone and get some helpful information to your followers.  If you fail to inform your followers in their times of need, you’re both missing a great marketing opportunity and failing to help the people who trust your opinion.

Some things that might be worth discussing might be more obvious than others.  Emergency lines for those who’ve lost contact or shelter locations for those who’ve lost a home are likely to be on the top of the list.  While you may not reach the people who most need this information directly, you may reach someone who can share it with them.  In today’s world with a battery operated communication device (cell phone) being in everyone’s pockets at all times, you may have much more success reaching someone without power than the radio or television.

Reminding someone to take pictures of the damage and contact their insurance company quickly can also be helpful advice.  This might be a great opportunity to explain to people what various terms or types of home owner’s insurance mean or what to expect in the claims process.  Of course I can’t give you these answers as they can vary from location to location, but reach out to those who can such as a trusted insurance agent.

It can be very easy to think that you are not the person these people need to hear from, but you might be the only person in this niche that can get your followers quality information.  Take care of your customers and get them the best information you can to help them through this tough time.

My grandmother, outside of Wilmington, N.C. was without power this weekend due to Hurricane Mathew, but she had her cell phone and was able to let us know that she was ok.  That cell phone has internet, but not cable or radio.  Let that be a reminder that today you may have better luck at times reaching your audience than the traditional media sources.  That is both a tool and a responsibility.  As with all of the marketing advice I give on this blog, content marketing is about showing people you have both the answers and their best interests at heart.

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