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This package is perfect for the agency whose team is active on social media, forums, and other hotspots around the internet.  We will work together to identify your target audience and an analysis will be done of your local consumers as well as your competition.  We will work together to create a content strategy that meets your agency’s needs.  I will then create content that your agents will be happy to share and use to promote themselves and your agency.  This package includes the full site report that covers a technical review of your website and recommendations on where your agents could be engaging more potential clients.


  • A report on your site’s performance and recommended improvements.
  • Recommended techniques for promoting your content with social media and other forms.
  • Three to four well written articles per month.


You can expect to receive quality engaging content that will improve your search traffic and trust.  How well this content performs for bringing new clients in the door is highly dependent on your marketing strategies including social media.  Understand that content marketing is a long term strategy and you are not likely to see huge results immediately, but good content is timeless and the more time we take to analyze results, the more opportunities you’ll have to get face-to-face with potential clients.

You can generally expect four articles per month unless another marketing opportunity is identified and we agree that it would be a better use of my time for that week.

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