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Inbound Marketing

This package is meant for the busy agency that is poised for growth and needs a complete internet marketing package.  We will hold a virtual meeting twice a month to make sure that we are targeting your audience when and where they are on the web.  I will provide a solid content strategy, create the articles, and monitor their performance regularly.  You can grant me access to your social media platforms if you chose, or I can monitor them and send you alerts when you need to be engaged.  Likewise, you can grant me access to your analytics or simply send me reports to analyze before each meeting.  With this package you’re not just outsourcing content marketing, you’re getting a team member.



  • A report on your site’s performance and recommended improvements.
  • Well written articles built on the content strategy we work out.
  • Regular monitoring of your social media platforms and engagement or coaching.


Content marketing is a long term strategy, however I’m confident that most agencies in a relatively active market will be able to see results within the first three months and have a solid return on investment within six.  I’m so confident that I offer six months of free location exclusivity within 50 miles with this package.

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